House Keeping

Things have been a bit quiet around here while Jamis and I prepare for our talk at Rails Conf. In the meantime there are a few housekeeping announcements.


We’d like to thank Geoff Grosenbach’s Peep Code for sponsoring the site. Peep Code are high quality screen casts that take a particlar topic in Rails development, and cover it in depth. I’ve personally paid for a few of these, so when he offered to sponsor the site we were happy to oblige.

New Search

We’ve decided to try out Google co-op instead of mephisto’s built in search. In addition to searching this site, it’ll also search the rails wiki, the api docs and our personal blogs. If you have some sites you think we should add to the index, drop us a link in the comments. We’re looking for great reference and tutorial material, there’s gotta be some great links out there.


Thanks to everyone who’s submitted code so far. Just because we haven’t used your example yet, doesn’t mean we won’t use it in the future. We’re especially interested in examples which are small enough to be covered in a single article, so if you have anything you’re sitting on, please send it in.

All the best, and we’re looking forward to seeing you all at RailsConf 07.